by pluraform      Made in Germany MAGNET-CENTERING TOOLS for opticians Press
Arbeiten mit der Spiegelmethode Right eye optician Left eye optician closed Right eye test person Working with the mirror method Left eye test person Left eye optician Right eye optician closed Range of application: NKT-TOOL (Near view-Konvergenz-Tool) 2-part MAGNET CENTERING TOOL with coloured perforated discs with universal and precise adjustment possibilities for use with the mirror method   1. Universal MAGNET-quick mounting:    2. Precise centering while wearing glasses - without a pen The 2 different coloured rings must be congruent when aiming at the cross.   3. Direct measurement    Centring with glasses on using the mirror method Precise work with direct eye control - without pencil Possibility to actively involve the test person Ideal for checking video measurement data and error analysis Practical for mobile use Can also be used with prescription spectacles that are already glazed and with lenses with anti-reflective coating, clean coat or lotus effect High-quality workmanship - Made in Germany To work with the mirror method without pencil Checking eyes e.g. convergence insufficiency or functional monocularity Help in determining the length of the progression zone of progressive lenses Error analysis for incompatibilities clack! clack! Reading Distance From the test person´s point of view: Only 8,5g weight -NKT HOME Problem OptocentrO-MONO OptocentrO-DUO OptocentrO-NKT SHOP Contact Impressum Privacy Policy OptocentrO-PD-STICK