Problem: “Line-chaos” ! Many opticians still use an overhead marker. Result: Line muddle on the demo lenses.   Very imprecise, especially while glasses are worn Handling of the pen close to the eyes - unpleasant for the customers Freehand “drawing” - looks unprofessional Markings often overlay, have little contrast and are hard to read Poor adhesion on glasses / demo lenses with anti-reflex coating and cleancoat or lotus effect Pen dries quickly Often there are several marking attempts and putting on and taking off the glasses necessary Keywords: Magnet-Centering Tool Y=? Press MAGNET-CENTERING TOOLS for opticians by pluraform      Made in Germany Contact Impressum Privacy Policy HOME Problem OptocentrO-MONO OptocentrO-DUO SHOP OptocentrO-PD-STICK OptocentrO-NKT