3. Direct measurement    Viewing height (Y) without or with small difference in height (~90% in all cases) Pupillary distance (Single-PD R/L + Total-PD) Range of application: 2. Precise centering while wearing glasses - without  a pen MONO-Tool One part MAGNET-CENTERING TOOL for universal and precise analog centering  while glasses are worn with natural head and body position - WITHOUT A PEN Press MAGNET-CENTERING TOOL for opticians by pluraform      Made in Germany   1. Universal MAGNET-quick mounting:    -MONO
Only 8,5g weight Contact Impressum Privacy Policy Centering of glasses while worn Precise work - without a pen Direct eye control with natural head and body posture of the wearer  Ideal for verification of video measuring data  Practical for mobile use Also very good applications using already glassed correction frames and for glasses/demo lenses  with anti-reflex coating, cleancoat or lotus effect High quality workmanship - Made in Germany HOME Problem OptocentrO-MONO OptocentrO-DUO SHOP OptocentrO-PD-STICK   PD R/L      Y    PD-Markings 64 32 32 clack! clack!